I’m Yunhan. I live in Melbourne with my boyfriend husband, one two cats, and a lot of VR goggles. I’ve been dedicated to extended reality development since early 2016. Up till now, I’ve released several VR related assets on Unity Asset Store to help other devs build VR application faster. Apart from game development, I’ve also worked on web development as my side projects full time job.


In Nov 2018, I started my own studio Epibyte. Later, I launched my first product Order Beast - a service app that allows people to order food by scanning QR code on the table without wating for service.


“I create useful stuff for Unity community.”

  1. VR UIKit: A UI framework for faster and easier VR development.
  2. VR Keyboard: Achieved 2000+ downloads, 5 stars rating.
  3. VR Inventory System: Store, stack, grab inventory items with ease.
  4. VR 3D Menu - Concept UI Design: An eye-catching 3D nenu that isn’t boring.
  5. TextMeshPro Auto Converter: Instantly upgrade all your Unity UI Text to TextMesh Pro.

Extended reality research

  1. Music Therapy in Virtual Environment
  2. Virtual Reality Therapy for Youth Mental Health
    • Researched into treating youth mental health by developing an immersive VR application using Unity and HTC Vive.
  3. The Virtual Reality Human Heart
    • Implemented a VR education tool to manipulate the human heart, in order to explain the complicated heart structure across undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the health sciences.
  4. Aboriginal Tent Embassy
    • Built an augmented reality application to bridge gaps in Aboriginal History education with Unity and Vuforia.


  • Specialised in game development and game math theroy. Able to work with a variety of HCI devices.
  • Expert in C#, Unity3D, and JavaScript.
  • 4 years of experience in Full Stack web development based on MEAN and later on KVMN(Koa + Vue + Mongo + Node). Some of my works, such as Koa Vue Fullstack, Dental Trauma Tracker, FT Academic Broadcast.
  • I played with XCode and Swift just4fun. AgarioClone, Chinese Chess.
  • I love functional programming, one of my favorite languages is Ocaml.